Why Do You Keep Having To Get Your Washer Repaired?

13 December 2019
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Your washing machine is an important appliance that you want to take good care of. When you find yourself constantly making repairs on the unit, it's hard to put faith in your current washing machine long-term. What's up with your unit? Why are you constantly making repairs on it? Is the problem you, or is it your washing machine? Actually, the answer may be both. Here are reasons why your washing machine is always in need of repairs, and what you can do about it. Read More 

Troubleshooting And Repairing Common Dryer Problems

24 July 2019
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Of all your household appliances, sometimes the most mystifying one is your dryer. Many people just throw their laundry in, hit the button, and don't really give it another thought. That is until the clothes start coming out still wet, or it takes three cycles to get a regular load of clothes dry. If you find yourself in this position, it's time to start looking at the potential need for dryer repair. Read More 

Three Signs You Need Dishwasher Repair

17 March 2019
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Your dishwasher is one of the central appliances of your home, and is arguably the one that saves you the greatest amount of time and labor. However, like all other appliances in your home, there are a number of ways that your dishwasher can malfunction, affecting how well it is able to do its job and potentially causing damage to the surrounding area in your kitchen at the same time. Being aware of the most common signs of dishwasher issues can help you figure out when you should get in touch with an appliance repair specialist to take a look at your unit. Read More