Tips To Clean Your Front-Loading Washing Machine

2 March 2017
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Front-loading washers are nice to have, as they don't have an agitator that can damage your clothing. Front-loaders use less water and are more efficient than older top loading machines. The downside to front-loading machines is they can accumulate with mold and mildew, leaving your clothing smelling not exactly fresh and clean. Your washing machine should be cleaned properly in order to keep it from smelling and causing your clothing to smell. See below for some cleaning tips to keep your machine fresh.

Open The Door

Front-loaders have an air tight seal to prevent water from leaking out the door. Keeping the door closed when not in use can cause mold and mildew to grow easily and quickly. Keep the door on the machine open when you aren't using it to allow the machine to air dry. 

Clean The Seal

The rubber seal at the opening can accumulate with hair and other debris. Clean this out using a towel soaked with bleach or vinegar. When the seal is clean, peel back the rubber seal and clean the area below. This area can be quite filthy, especially if you've never cleaned it before. Lint, hair, mold, and all kinds of debris become trapped below the seal. Clean it out as best you can.

Scrub The Tub

Clean out the tub by wiping it down with either a bleach soaked towel or a vinegar soaked towel. You can also clean the tub using the "clean washer" cycle on your machine if your machine has this option. Use vinegar or bleach in the detergent bin, or you can purchase a machine washing cleaning detergent made specifically for front-loading washers and made for cleaning the machine itself. This cleaner can be found at your local hardware store or big box store.

Open Up The Machine

Everything you and your family has left in your pockets finds its way through your machine. Sometimes you find it inside the wash tub, but other times it can be washed in the drain and found in the drain screen in your machine. Some washers have an easy way to find this drain screen, such as a small opening on the front, while other machines require you to take the front panel off. Read the manufacturer's directions to find the drain screen to remove the objects, or call a washer repairman to have this done for you.

Cleaning your front-loading machine is a must-do in order to get your clothing as fresh and clean as possible, without the threat of mold/mildew. For more information, contact companies like Affordable Appliance Repair.