New Home Appliance Care: 3 Signs Your Washer Is In Need Of Repair

29 May 2017
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The day you set up your new washer and dryer felt like freedom since you knew those boring days at the laundry mat were well behind you. Now, you can't imagine having to go a single day without being able to toss your clothes in the wash and go about your normal routine. Unfortunately, that trusty washer is vulnerable to a few common problems that could send you running back to the change machines if you do not get them repaired quickly. Now that you are finally feeling on top of your household, use these appliance care tips to make sure your washer is always ready to give your clothes a spin.

Strange Clunking Noises

Most washing machines make some noise, but you should be fairly accustomed to your washer's steady hum by now. If your washer starts sounding like it is being pounded by heavy shoes when it is just your regular clothes in the basin, then you will want to first check to see if it is off balance. Simply stop the wash cycle, and rearrange your clothing. If this fails to work and the noise continues, then it may be that the motor mounts or drum has come loose. These components can be hard to reach, so call for washing machine repair to make sure it is done right.

Water Isn't Draining

When your wash cycle completes its final spin, you should not see any water left behind in the drum. It should also be noted that your clothing should be fairly dry after a complete spin, and needing to wring them out is a sign that your washer is not draining properly. Sometimes, this is caused by a minor clog in your line that can easily be cleaned out, or it could be the water pump has gone out and needs to be replaced by a professional.

The Drum Doesn't Turn

Drum movement is a critical part of how your machine gets dirt, soap and water out of your clothes. Failure for the drum to spin is often a sign that it may be time to replace the belt or have the lid switch repaired. Once the problem is resolved, the drum will be able to spin freely again.

Dealing with washing machine problems still beats spending your weekend at a laundry mat. While a washer should last you many years, they need some maintenance just like every other appliance. By staying on top of your repairs, and visiting your local washing machine repair shop, you can ensure that your washing machine keeps happily humming along.