3 Reasons Your Husband Shouldn't Work On The Washing Machine

16 January 2018
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Your dear other half has a knack for all things DIY, and he even has a trusty tool belt in his collection. Naturally, when something breaks around the house, he gets out his trusty tools and tries to get to work. Unfortunately, if you've seen more harm than good coming from your husband's well-intended fix-its, the whole idea of him attempting to repair anything can be a little unsettling, especially if it's your washing machine that's in need of repair. If your dude is stubborn and a little overconfident with his abilities as an appliance repairman, you may need a little help in this situation. Here are a few good reasons your husband should not work on the washing machine that may help him change his mind. 

DIY repair attempts could void the warranty. 

If your washing machine is still under warranty when it has a problem, it is for the best that your hubby steer clear of the appliance with even something as simple as a screwdriver. Many appliance manufacturers provide a warranty that will cover general repairs and parts replacement, but only if the work is done by a licensed technician. If someone messes with the unit that is not licensed or approved by the manufacturer, your washing machine warranty could be completely voided. 

Modern washing machines have highly technical features. 

You know how you love the fact that your washing machine has a delayed wash that you can schedule in advance? Or how you enjoy the idea of having an automatic detergent dispenser? Well, if your husband is unfamiliar with new washing machines, it is really easy to mess up all those newfangled features you admire so much. The fact is, newer appliances are often highly technical, with all kinds of automated functions and computer-like parts. One slip of a wrench could change everything about how your washing machine functions. 

Making the problem worse is a real possibility. 

The average washing machine consists of a motor that powers the unit, a tub that houses the clothes, a series of water lines and drainage ports, and a control center. These components do not always operate independently of one another. This means that if your beloved partner tries to mend one problem with the appliance, he could easily end up elbow deep in a secondary problem that was caused by his lack of experience. One simple repair job could easily turn into a more costly endeavor if he isn't careful. 

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