Why Your Microwave Needs To Be Repaired

29 April 2020
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If your microwave still works but shows signs of needing repairs, it's best to have these repairs done rather than ignore them. Why? Use this guide to assist you, and call your microwave repair specialist before using your microwave again.

You risk electrical issues without repairs

If your microwave isn't working as it should, it can actually cause electrical issues or potentially a fire. A faulty microwave oven can pull too much electrical power when it's turned on, leading to a power surge, or worse. Before your microwave causes major electrical problems, unplug the unit and discontinue use until your microwave repair specialist can fix the unit for you.

Check the plug and cord attached to your microwave. If the cord is stripped or loose in any way, call a microwave repair specialist before touching the unit, particularly if it sparks or emits any type of smoke when turned on.

You risk unevenly cooked meals without repairs

When your microwave isn't working as it should, meals will often come out either not all the way cooked or heated through and burned in some areas. Your microwave heating unevenly will likely worsen with continued use until you have the microwave repair done.

You risk spending more money without repairs

The longer you let microwave repair go unchecked, the more expensive repairs can get over time. There are a variety of problems that happen with microwaves, from plate spinning problems to heating issues, that should be fixed before one problem leads to another. For example, a problem with a single button on your microwave panel can lead to the entire control board going faulty without proper repairs.

You risk ruining any warranty you have without repairs

Do you have a warranty on your microwave oven that can potentially cover the repairs you need? If so, have them done before excessive use of a broken microwave voids your warranty. Microwave repair costs vary depending on the type of unit you have and the type of problems you have. The average microwave repair cost is around $150, which can be cheaper than replacing a microwave unit entirely.

To keep your appliance in check and protect the investment you've made in your microwave oven, have repairs done when they become necessary. If your microwave is smoking, emitting sparks, not making any noise when turned on, or shaking or vibrating while in use, call a specialist right away to have microwave repair done on your appliance. Your microwave specialist will give you a quote for services.

For more information on microwave repair, reach out to an appliance repair person.