4 Common Problems That Affect Your Washer And How To Solve Them

26 October 2021
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Everyone may make mistakes when handling their appliances. However, some mistakes can lead to massive damage. For example, making mistakes that will damage the efficiency of your washing machine will eventually cost you money. It might also damage your precious clothes. Unfortunately, most people do not know enough about washing machines to understand when they are mishandling them. Here are some of the most common issues that affect washing machines and tips on dealing with them. 

The Machine Stopped Draining Water

The most common complication people experience with their washing machine is when it stops draining water as it should. The problem occurs when the drain pipe gets clogged with small clothing items or other debris. It could also result from a malfunctioning washer. When the washer experiences a malfunction, it does not complete the spin cycle, which means water will not drain from the unit. You should check the product manual if the machine is still new and see how to resolve the issue. The appliance might be failing to drain because of a broken drain pump. Call an appliance repair expert to help you troubleshoot and solve this problem. 

The Washer Gets Stuck in the Lock Position

The issue affects front-loading washing machines. The top loaders do not have to need the door to remain locked to hold the water inside. Often, complications arise because the locking mechanism has jammed. You might also have an error or software issue with the computer that controls the washing machine. You can try and resolve this issue by simply resetting the washing machine. If this trick does not work, try and run a short cycle to release any clothes that might be jamming the lock. If these simple steps do not solve the problem, contact the repair technician. 

The Machine Has an Unpleasant Smell

Unpleasant smells are another common issue with washing machines. The smells occur because of mold from the warm water and lint. In this case, run the washing machine with water and cleaning solutions that kill mold. You can add a cleaning solution such as vinegar inside the machine and run a cycle. The water will get to all corners and nooks and clear out the mold. If the smell persists, call the technician.

It is always wise to call a washer repair technician once you encounter a washing machine issue you cannot fix. The professional will help troubleshoot and fix the problem without jeopardizing the machine's functionality.