3 Things That Can Cause Your Cooktop Burner To Not Turn On And Appliance Repairs That Might Be Needed

15 November 2022
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An island cooktop is a useful upgrade for your kitchen since it allows you to face your family and interact while you're cooking. Cooktops are usually reliable and long-lasting, but just like burners on stoves, things can go wrong. If your cooktop is malfunctioning and it has WiFi, you can check the error code to find out what's wrong. Otherwise, you may need to call an appliance repair service to diagnose your problem and then make repairs. Here are three things that can malfunction on a cooktop.

1. The Burner Can Burn Out

If you turn a burner on and nothing happens, the problem could be with the burner itself. You can often tell by looking if a burner is bad because you might see where the coil is broken. You can also test the burner with a multimeter to see if it has continuity. If it doesn't, the burner has to be replaced.

If you feel comfortable doing it, you can replace a bad burner yourself as long as you find an exact match for the replacement. Be sure to turn the power off before you work on the cooktop, and then tilt the burner up and pull it out. Putting in the new one is a matter of tilting the burner and pushing it into the outlet that's hidden in a hole in the drip pan.

2. The Burner Receptacle Can Fail

When you turn your burner on, voltage flows to the receptacle the burner plugs into through the hole in the drip pan. If parts in the receptacle burn out, the burner won't work, even if the burner is in good shape. The solution to this problem is for the receptacle to be replaced.

The appliance repair service can fix this problem by pulling the burner out and removing the drip pan. Then the receptacle can be unscrewed so it can be removed. The top of the cooktop has to be lifted so the repair person can work inside the cooktop to disconnect the receptacle from the wiring and pull it out so the new one can be put in.

3. The Switch Might Be Bad

When you turn the knob to turn on the burner, power goes to a switch that adjusts the power to maintain the right temperature. If the switch is bad, the burner may not come on at all. The appliance repair service can replace a bad switch with a new one. The switch may be located under the cover in a switch box, but stoves differ in where their parts are located.

It may not be a good idea for you to change these parts yourself. Except for the burner, which is easy to do without taking the cooktop apart, the other parts involve working with wiring and internal parts. This could put you at risk of a shock, so call an appliance repair service if your cooktop burners won't turn on and the problem isn't a bad burner.

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