What To Do If Your Dryer Is Squealing

24 May 2023
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If your dryer is making squealing or squeaking noises, it isn't something you should be ignoring. Shutting the door to your laundry room is not the answer. You need to investigate this further, as the issue could be in the inner workings of your dryer, and it may only be a matter of time before your dryer stops working altogether. If you hear squealing noises coming from your dryer, read on for some things you may be able to do to make the repair yourself. If you aren't up to the task of taking apart your dryer, you can hire a professional repair service such as Northshore Appliance Repair Inc to repair your dryer for you.

Unplug Your Dryer And Open It Up

You need to unplug your dryer and turn off the gas to your dryer as well so you are safe from any concerns such as an electrical shock, or a gas leak. Once this is done, you can open up your dryer to see the inner workings of the entire dryer. Look at the drum and do a thorough inspection of what you see inside. 

Remove Lint Buildup

You more than likely have a lot of lint built up in your machine, so you need to be sure to remove the lint that you can see and use a shop vacuum to clean up what you cannot get by hand. Clear out all of the lint that may be stuffed around near the motor, around the drum, and in other areas where you least expected it to be. Once cleaned out, you may have a better look at what could potentially be the issue.

Check The Belt Around The Drum

It is more than likely the drum that is causing the squealing noises when you attempt to dry your clothing, and the issue could be the belt that wraps around the drum. If it has dry-rotted or has an issue moving because of the lint buildup, the drum may not be able to tumble like it once did and is struggling to move around. Inspect the belt and if it seems to be damaged, you should replace it with a new one. Simply remove the drum and the belt itself. The rollers may also need to be replaced if they are not able to move freely. Replace the rollers and the belt, then put your dryer back together. Turn your dryer back on and test your work.

If you have an issue with your dryer squealing, it could be because of a belt or roller issue around the drum. Hire a professional appliance repair technician if you are unable to make this repair yourself.