New Home Appliance Care: 3 Signs Your Washer Is In Need Of Repair

29 May 2017
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The day you set up your new washer and dryer felt like freedom since you knew those boring days at the laundry mat were well behind you. Now, you can't imagine having to go a single day without being able to toss your clothes in the wash and go about your normal routine. Unfortunately, that trusty washer is vulnerable to a few common problems that could send you running back to the change machines if you do not get them repaired quickly. Read More 

Keep Your HVAC Unit In Good Condition So You Can Stay Warm Or Cool

9 April 2017
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Many people like to spring clean their homes once the weather warms up. If you have already made out your list of things to do you may not have thought about your HVAC unit. Getting it maintained in the spring, however, will help the HVAC unit to last much longer. Below is some more information about this so you can get started. Change the Filters It is important that you change the filter on your HVAC unit regularly. Read More 

Tips To Clean Your Front-Loading Washing Machine

2 March 2017
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Front-loading washers are nice to have, as they don't have an agitator that can damage your clothing. Front-loaders use less water and are more efficient than older top loading machines. The downside to front-loading machines is they can accumulate with mold and mildew, leaving your clothing smelling not exactly fresh and clean. Your washing machine should be cleaned properly in order to keep it from smelling and causing your clothing to smell. Read More 

Is My Dishwasher Broken? 3 Issues That Do Not Require Appliance Repairs

31 May 2016
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If you have always hand washed and dried your dishes due to a lack of a dishwasher, moving into a home equipped with this appliance can cause worries to arise with every use. The dishwasher may frequently function in unexpected ways, causing you to believe that the appliance has gone on the fritz. Since that is more than likely not the case, resist the urge to allow the worries to turn into panic about inevitable appliance repairs. Read More 

Your Kitchen After A Flood: What To Keep, Clean, Repair Or Throw Away

21 September 2015
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If you've recently survived a flood, the first step to begin your life over again is to salvage what you can while cleaning up your home. In many cases, the most financially devastating damage occurs in the kitchen, because often times, it houses the most expensive items found throughout the home. If you're preparing to clean up your kitchen after a flood, here are some tips to help you salvage what you can while staying safe: Read More