When Your Clothes Dryer Calls for Help: Making a Case for Repair

14 November 2023
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Have you ever found yourself with a pile of wet laundry and a dryer that's decided to take a nap? You're not alone. Residential clothes dryers are hard workers, but sometimes, they need a little TLC. Maybe it's not heating up, or it's making a strange noise, or it's just not getting your clothes dry. When these signs pop up, it's time to consider calling in the repair pros.  Pro tip: Check your lint trap. Read More 

What To Do If Your Dryer Is Squealing

24 May 2023
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If your dryer is making squealing or squeaking noises, it isn't something you should be ignoring. Shutting the door to your laundry room is not the answer. You need to investigate this further, as the issue could be in the inner workings of your dryer, and it may only be a matter of time before your dryer stops working altogether. If you hear squealing noises coming from your dryer, read on for some things you may be able to do to make the repair yourself. Read More 

4 Features To Look For In A Luxury Hot Tub

21 March 2023
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If you are planning on visiting a hot tub store in the near future and aren't sure what features you'll find, take a look below at just four of the most popular and useful ones. Knowing more about each of these can help you narrow down your choices and ultimately make an informed decision based on your preferences. Audio System One of the most underrated features of any luxury hot tub is an audio system, and many buyers will appreciate how flexibly it can be incorporated into a variety of activities. Read More 

3 Things That Can Cause Your Cooktop Burner To Not Turn On And Appliance Repairs That Might Be Needed

15 November 2022
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An island cooktop is a useful upgrade for your kitchen since it allows you to face your family and interact while you're cooking. Cooktops are usually reliable and long-lasting, but just like burners on stoves, things can go wrong. If your cooktop is malfunctioning and it has WiFi, you can check the error code to find out what's wrong. Otherwise, you may need to call an appliance repair service to diagnose your problem and then make repairs. Read More 

Steps To Routine Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

20 July 2022
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A damaged refrigeration appliance is detrimental to your business in so many ways. First, all the food may go bad, forcing you to return to your pocket for fresh supplies. Second, you will likely experience a spike in your energy bills if the problem is left unchecked for too long. Fortunately, you can employ refrigeration maintenance tips to keep it in top shape. If you have little or no idea how to go about this, below is a step-to-step guide. Read More